25.4CC Blower Model EV260 EB260

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Introducing the revolutionary QYOPE BLOWER Vacuum Cleaner – the ultimate solution for collecting yard waste without breaking the bank. With a powerful motor that generates enough suction to handle the toughest jobs, these blower vacuums are the perfect tool for any homeowner looking to make their leaf cleaning job a little easier.

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The QYOPE BLOWER vacuum cleaner is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy maneuverability, making it ideal for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're cleaning your lawn, garden or driveway, these vacuums deliver unrivaled performance.

The QYOPE BLOWER vacuum cleaner has been designed to be as efficient as possible while being affordable. Thanks to their clever design, they're super easy to use and maintain, making them perfect for homeowners who want to keep their yard clean without shelling out big bucks for expensive machines.

So why choose the QYOPE BLOWER vacuum cleaner over other similar products on the market? There are several reasons. First, their advanced suction technology ensures they can handle the toughest jobs. Second, the lightweight and ergonomic design makes them extremely easy to use and maneuver, even for those with little experience with garden machinery.

All in all, the QYOPE BLOWER vacs are an exceptional product that offers exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. Whether you're an experienced gardener or someone who just wants to keep your yard clean, these vacuums are an absolute must-have for anyone who takes pride in their outdoor space. So why wait? Buy it today and start enjoying a cleaner, more beautiful yard today!

Auto return stop switch - Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.
Adjustable tube length - The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance.
Cruise Control, Intuitive Controls, Air Purge, Inline Design.
The new engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by 60% and improves fuel efficiency by 20%.
Leverage full strike force with minimal arm tension: Offset handling makes strike force easier to control and prevents the arm from being pulled down.
Ergonomic seat belt system: Padded seat belts and belts are shaped to fit the operator's profile.


Model EB260
Matched Engine 1E34FB
Discharging Capacity 25.4cc
Standard Power 0.75kw/7500r/min
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25: 1
Tank Capacity 0.5L
Weight (N.W./G.W.) 5/6 kgs


● Two functions. Blower and Vacuum.
● Professional-grade rubber vibration damping on the handle, low vibration, comfortable operation.
● Easy starter, and there is one warning label, it marks very cearly to operate the machine step by step.
● The stop switch on opening position all the time. The user don’t need to check the switch when start the machine.
● And this witch is very safe, when meet emergency, it can be stopped quickly.
● The lock switch can lock any speed. No need to touch it when working.
● Low emission, more powerful, high efficient fan, the air volume is greater than 0.32m³/s.

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