Intelligent Products

  • Crawler intelligent sanitize robot-QYCR-01

    Crawler intelligent sanitize robot-QYCR-01

    The whole vehicle adopts Christie + Matilda four-wheel balance suspension design, which can better achieve heavy-duty suspension, adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, and drive more smoothly. Equipped with pulse mist machine, 20L medicine box, effective spraying distance of 5 meters, sanitize area can reach 10,000 square meters per hour, effectively dilute aerosol concentration. Simple operation, flexible and efficient, replacing manual entry into dangerous and polluted environments for disinfection operations.

  • Plant protection UAV T10

    Plant protection UAV T10

    Introducing the T10 crop protection drone – the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate crop spraying. With a huge 10kg working box, the drone is capable of covering 100 acres per hour with a maximum spray range of 5 meters. However, that’s just the beginning of its impressive capabilities.

    The T10 plant protection drone adopts a new folding truss structure, which is not only strong and reliable, but also efficient and easy to operate. This makes transfer operations a breeze, providing an easier experience for the operator.