Lithium Battery Broadband Hedge Machine 7032KD (Flat/Adjustable ARC 9T Magnesium Alloy Box)

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This machine adopts a wide voltage platform, which should be used in more scenes, and the machine can only be started by pressing the trigger for 3 seconds to ensure safe start-up to prevent personal injury; Two-speed cycle speed regulation to cope with different cutting needs; cruise control to reduce the burden on the fingers; Front handle, easy to hold; A variety of broadband shears can be replaced, which meets the needs of multiple modeling pruning needs for garden vegetation, and more Changing the broadband shearing head is simple to operate, easy to learn, and very suitable for pruning and forming shrubs in the home or garden.

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Product name Lithium battery broadband hedge machine - plane
Model 7032KD
Voltage 36V/ 48- 60V
Rated power 800W
Maximum power 1000W
Speed regulation mode 2-speed cyclic speed regulation cruise control
Rotate speed 6500RPM/7500RPM
Power mode Rear brushless motor
Power switch Long press the trigger for 3 seconds to start, release the production operation, and then long press the trigger for 3 seconds to adjust the speed, cycle speed regulation, press the trigger to stop.
Power connector Character
Wideband snipping Magnesium alloy SK5 laser blade
Aluminum tube parameters ∮ 26mm / length 750mm / thickness 1.5mm
Transmission shaft 9T
Number of boxes 1 unit
Net weight/gross weight   KG / KG
Package size 186cm*20.5cm*14.5cm


Introducing our newest garden tool, the versatile and powerful lawnmower. Designed with your safety and convenience in mind, this machine features a wide voltage platform that can be used in a variety of settings.

To ensure safe starting and to prevent personal injury, this machine requires a 3-second trigger press to begin operation. Plus, its two-speed cycle control system enables precise cutting to suit every need, while cruise control helps reduce stress on your fingers during prolonged use.

Featuring an easy-grip and maneuverable front handle, this machine is a must-have for anyone who is serious about garden pruning. Its range of interchangeable shear heads makes it ideal for a variety of pruning tasks, helping you get the perfect trim on everything from small shrubs to large vegetation.

If you're looking for a powerful and reliable garden tool that can handle all your mowing needs with ease, look no further than our innovative lawnmowers. Whether you are a professional gardener or a professional home gardener, this machine is sure to be your new tool for all your pruning needs. So why wait? Order today and experience the difference for yourself!

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