Lithium Battery Handheld Hair Dryer 7032SLB

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Ntroducing our latest offering – the Lithium battery handheld hair dryer! This innovative hair dryer is perfect for those on-the-go who need a reliable and portable device that can handle all hair types. The power switch is designed to keep you safe, requiring you to press the trigger for three seconds to avoid any accidental injuries.

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The brushless motor is small, lightweight, and powerful, providing enough blowing power to meet the needs of different substances. With two-speed regulation, you can adjust the speed according to your preference. The compact and exquisite design makes it easy to carry, and the fixed cruise speed reduces the burden on your fingers.

Our handheld hair dryer is designed to be easy to use with just one hand. The handle is dexterous and convenient, ensuring a more efficient and comfortable operation. It is also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, making it a great alternative to traditional hair dryers.


Product name Lithium battery handheld hair dryer
Model 7032SLB
Voltage 36V/ 48- 60V
Rated power 800W
Maximum power 1000W
Speed regulation mode 2-speed cyclic speed regulation cruise control
Rotate speed 6500RPM/7500RPM
Power mode Rear brushless motor
Power switch Long press the trigger for 3 seconds to start, release the production operation, and then long press the trigger for 3 seconds to adjust the speed, cycle speed regulation, press the trigger to stop.
Power connector Character
Technical parameters of the fan Air volume 5.3m3/min
Aluminum tube parameters

∮ 26mm / length 750mm / thickness 1.5mm

Transmission shaft 9T
Number of boxes 1 unit
net weight 3.8KG
Package size 186cm*20.5cm*14.5cm


One of the key features of this hair dryer is its lithium battery drive, which provides several benefits. The device is protected from dust and water, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting. The high efficiency of the brushless motor contributes to energy savings and environmental protection, while also reducing noise.

Compared to gas-powered garden tools, our lithium battery handheld hair dryer can save up to 94% of the annual use cost, with greatly reduced maintenance costs. There is no pollution from production and discharge, making it a true green environmental protection option. Additionally, the working noise is not higher than 70 decibels, which ensures that the device is safe and does not cause any harm to the human body.

In summary, our Lithium battery handheld hair dryer is a compact, powerful, and environmentally friendly option for anyone in need of a reliable hair dryer. With its various features, it is a great investment for personal use or as a gift to a loved one.

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