Lithium Battery Hedge Machine QY600Z36SL(Bellank Double-edged Model)

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Ntroducing the latest Lithium battery hedge machine QY600Z36SL – a high-performance brushless motor with immense power designed to ensure efficient shear force! The machine comes equipped with a double start switch to protect personal safety. The operator must press the front and rear handles together to start the equipment, thus avoiding personal injury caused by accidental touch of the starting equipment. The front handle of the equipment is also equipped with a protective plate to prevent any hard objects such as branches and trees from causing harm to the hands of workers during work.

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This new hedge machine's humanized design makes it a hit product among hedge trimmers. With its double flat blades, rotating rear handlebar, and double-button safe operation, one can now avoid any accidental start of the machine. The double-flat blades ensure clean and precise cuts with each use. The rotating rear handlebar facilitates comfortable and easy handling of the machine, particularly when working in tight spaces.


Product name Lithium battery hedge machine
Model QY600Z36SL
Voltage 36V
Rated power 350W
Maximum power 600W
Speed regulation mode 3-speed cyclic speed regulation
Blade rotational speed 1400/1570/1700RPM
Blade length 660mm
Blade pitch 33mm
Power connector Aviation - pints
Number of boxes 1 unit
Net weight 3.6KG
Package size 118cm*23cm*26cm


The Lithium battery hedge machine QY600Z36SL is a product designed for efficiency and user safety. It comes equipped with a high-quality Lithium battery that delivers power and longevity. The double start switch is an innovative feature that prevents any accidental start of the machine, which is particularly useful for beginners. With this hedge machine, you can easily trim your hedges without any hassle while guaranteeing your safety and the safety of your workers.

In conclusion, the Lithium battery hedge machine QY600Z36SL is an ideal product for all gardeners and professionals seeking to maintain neat and precise hedges. Its unique features make it a top-of-the-line product in the hedge trimming industry. So upgrade to the new Lithium battery hedge machine QY600Z36SL today and experience the efficiency and safety it has to offer!

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