30.5CC Brush Cutter ModeL BG328

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Our brush cutters are available in a wide range of handle variations, including various length shaft, straight shaft, loop handle and flexible shaft . Whether you’re a homeowner touching up your lawn or a landscaping professional tackling tough brush removal, there’s a QYOPE trimmer or brush cutter to meet your unique needs. That’s a lot of landscaping possibilities. It’s no wonder we covered all the bases with features like powerful, fuel-efficient engines, interchangeable cutting heads, solid, durable construction and anti-vibration technology for enhanced comfort.

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Cutting heads include circular saw blades (chisel tooth or scratcher's tooth), brush knives, grass blades, etc. Most brush cutters also allow other heads to be fitted, including bump feed and fixed-line heads such as those used online trimmers or modified saw blades such as a beaver blade which resembles a chainsaw. Deflectors are attached on the cutting side of the machine to prevent injury to the operator from debris thrown by the cutting head.


Model BG328
Matched Engine 1E36F
Discharging Capacity 30.5cc
Standard Power 0.81kw/8500 r/min
Form of Carburetor Float
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25: 1
Tank Capacity 1.2L
Diameter of Aluminium Pipe 26mm
Weight (N.W./G.W.) 9.5/10.5kgs


● Easy starter, the impact feeling is greatly reduced when starting the machine.
● Spare parts easy to find and easy maintanence.
● Can cut grass and brush, also can be used as harvester, multi-functional use.
● Low vibration, stable transmission, and strong wear resistance.
● Ergonomically designed soft rubber handle.

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